Crashed Cases
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Phone cases made of car wrecks caused by texting and driving.

This February, a ban against phones in traffic was implemented in Sweden. Despite that, the number of crashes hasn’t decreased. To make people think twice before picking up their phones in traffic, we made 153 phone cases out of crumpled metal from car wrecks. One for each crash since the implementation of the ban. Get one for yourself, or someone you care about. All profits go to Trafikskadefonden, which helps rehabilitate victims of car crashes.


do you or someone
you know need a reminder?

Get a handmade and numbered case.


You're 23 times more likely to crash,
if you text and drive.

Texting while driving has become the number one driving distraction for many people. Be aware of the dangers and keep your attention on the road, not on your phone.

Source: Motormännens Riksförbund.