how to remove weapon skin in pubg

PUBG: Remove / Apply Weapon Skins In-Game


By clicking Shift + Alt + Left Click on the weapon in the inventory menu, you can remove the skin of any weapon you want.


how to remove gun in lobby in pubg mobile how to remove gun from hand . Lobby me gun kaise hataye

how to report players in pubg

(HINDI) Pubg mobile How to Report Someone Cheaters player ? How to report a Team Killer player ?


You can also reach out to our support team with the following details:Type of Violation (Teaming, Teamkilling,Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack, etc.)Date and Time of the incident.Name of the suspected player(s)A video of the issue as an email attachment (not exceeding 20 MB) or a video link describing the same.


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why is pubg so hard to run

The Downfall of PUBG MOBILE and BGMI


In-Game Graphic settings are too demanding – PUBG is by no means a resource-demanding game, but you might run into FPS issues and experience lagging in scenarios where you’re attempting to run PUBG on the maximum resolution with the maximum graphic settings on a low-end PC.



what is red zone in pubg

10 incredible facts about RED ZONE | everything about RED ZONE | PUBG in hindi


The Red Zone is a periodically spawning, red circular zone marked on the Map. Bombs drop in the zone at random positions. It is a one hit kill if a player is directly hit – though being hit is still somewhat unlikely. You are safe inside buildings if you are not near windows or doors.


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how to change red dot in pubg

How To Get The *NEW* SCOPE DOTS | PUBG Tutorial 2018


Go to the Settings menu. Select the “Gameplay” tab. Scroll down and find the “Crosshair Color” option. From the drop-down menu, select the color you want to use.


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how to hold your breath in pubg

Holding breath guide!


When using large scopes, you can reduce weapon sway by holding down the breath. The default key button for that is [Shift]. Pay attention to the lungs icon in the HUD, if it stays red, you are out of breath and the operation will be disrupted.


How to HOLD Breath for BETTER AIM in PUBG PS4, PS5 Xbox (Scope Tutorial)

what anti cheat does pubg use

PUBG MOBILE | Investigator Anti-cheat Review


PUBG uses an anti-cheat called BattleEye, which is a third party tool originally created for the Battlefield series way back in 2004.


How Pubg Mobile System Detect Hackers & Cheaters