How Do Antibacterial Phone Cases Work?

Do you worry about the bacteria on your phone? Well, there is a new trend in phone cases that claims to help protect your device from harmful bacteria. But do these antibacterial phone cases really work? Let’s take a look at how they work and whether or not they are worth the investment.

What are Antibacterial Phone Cases?

Antibacterial phone cases are designed to protect your phone from harmful bacteria. Most cases are made from a material that is coated with an antibacterial agent. The agent works by killing bacteria on contact. Some phone cases also have a built-in filter that helps to trap bacteria before it has a chance to come into contact with your phone.

Phone cases with antibacterial protection can be effective in preventing the spread of bacteria, but they are not foolproof. If you share your phone with others or if you often use it in dirty or dusty environments, you should still clean it regularly to help reduce the risk of infection.

How Do Antibacterial Phone Cases Generally Work?

Most antibacterial phone cases on the market use silver as their main active ingredient. Silver is a naturally occurring element that has been used for centuries as an antimicrobial agent. When silver particles come into contact with bacteria, they disrupt the bacteria’s cell walls and prevent them from replicating.

As a result, the silver helps to kill the bacteria and prevent them from causing infection. While silver is effective against a wide range of bacteria, it is particularly well-suited for use in medical applications where sterilization is essential. However, silver can also be used in consumer products like phones and computer keyboards to help keep them clean and free of harmful bacteria.

What Are Antimicrobial Phone Cases?

Antimicrobial phone cases destroy microbes and prevent them from accumulating on your case, but they can’t be guaranteed to kill everything the way a true disinfectant can. They’re only guaranteed to work against odor and stain-causing bacteria, not every disease-causing germ known to man.

How does an Antimicrobial Phone Case work?

This antimicrobial phone case featuresĀ built-in antimicrobe material protection to inhibit the growth of degrading bacteria on the surface of the case. Microban technology operates at a cellular level and helps maintain a cleaner, fresher and more durable case for its expected lifetime.

Do Antimicrobial Phone Cases Work?

There are a few phone case companies selling antibacterial and antimicrobial phone cases but are they really useful.

Studies have shown that these antimicrobial phone cases only reduce a minimal amount of microbes from surfacing on the phone. Even though they claim to kill a majority of the microbes and bacteria but these are inflated claims.

Most of these antimicrobial cases are ineffective against bacteria and other microorganisms but companies like Microban have developed phone cases that are highly effective against microbes and bacteria.

For most cases, it is better to get a normal phone case and regularly clean the mobile phone with a disinfectant to kill bacteria and other harmful microbes.

Do Microban phone cases work?

Microban develops antimicrobial phone cases and screen protectors with their Microban protection technology that prevents the growth of microbes and bacteria on the surface of the phone cases and screen protectors.

Microban claims to kill 99% of the bacteria and microbes on your phone cases but these are highly outlandish claims. There are no detailed studies on the effectiveness of the Microban technology against a majority of harmful microbes.

Microban phone cases do work but you cannot consider them as the be all end all solution for keeping your phone case free from bacteria. You should regularly clean your phone cases with a disinfectant to kill the majority of microbes from your phone case.

Microban phone cases are effective against a small portion of naturally occurring microbes. They do inhibit the growth of a small percentage of bacteria but they are not a foolproof solution.

It is possible for other bacteria and microbes to grow and even thrive on Microban cases. Also, Microban has pointed out that their phone cases with built-in antimicrobial technology are not effective against viruses.

Can a phone case be Antibacterial?

Yes, antibacterial phone cases are available. These cases are coated with antimicrobial disinfectants and metals such as Silver that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes.

When the microbes come in contact with the disinfected surface it kills them and stops them from spreading throughout your phone case.

There are several phone case manufacturers such as Microban that develop antimicrobial phone cases.

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