How to Fix Bauen+ App Not Working / Not Loading and Other Issues

Are you having an issue while opening Bauen+ app on your mobile device. There could be several reasons why the app is not working. I have listed all the common problems related to Bauen+ and their detailed solutions to troubleshoot and fix these problems

The Bauen+ App Won’t Load / Open (Loading Error, Server Timeout Error, Connection Reset Error, Connection Failed Error)

Reasons why the app isn’t opening or loading on your device are:

1. Your Android or iOS device has run out of free memory and cannot open this app while running other apps and programs in the background. To fix this you need to free up memory on your device using the following steps.

• Close all the app tabs except the one you’re trying to open that’s showing the error message.
• Close all other apps and programs running in the background.
• Pause any active app or file downloads.
• This will free up some memory. Now, close and then reopen the app and see if it’s working.

2. The Bauen+ app server could be down the server is offline. This could happen due to power outages in the app server farm. Wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then reopen the app.

3. Too many users are trying to use the app at the same time which caused server CPU overload. Wait for some time and then check again.

4. You didn’t have an active internet connection while opening the app. Most apps require you to have an active internet connection to load properly. Check your mobile data connection to see if you have an active mobile data network. If not try opening the app using a WiFi network instead

Bauen+ App Crashing Issue / Black Screen and White Screen Issue (Blank Screen) Fix

App Crashes frequently occur. When users try to open the app, it gets stuck in the loading screen and the app stops responding for a few seconds leading to a black screen or white screen of death. The app then crashes to the home screen followed by an error message. Below you’ll find all the ways to fix this problem.

1. Close the app completely so that it doesn’t run in the background. In most devices, you can do this by pressing the recent applications button (bottom left) and then swiping up on the app you want to remove. Once the app is closed, reopen the app and check if it’s working normally. Sometimes, an app simply crashes because of a loading issue due to lack of free memory.

2. Update the app to the newest version if available. If there is a recent update to the app and you haven’t downloaded it then you need to download the latest update. Once, the app is updated to the latest version check if the app has any screen or crashing issues.

3. Force Stop the app. To Force Stop the app in Android, go to Settings > Apps or App Management. Search for the app you want to stop and then tap on it. Lastly, tap on the Force Stop button. To force stop an app for iOS devices, open the iOS App Switcher by swiping up from the bottom of the home screen, then swiping right to find the app and finally swiping up to force stop the app.

4. Clear the App Cache and App Data. Go to Settings > Apps. Locate the Bauen+ app from the list and then tap on it. Now, go to Storage and tap on Clear Cache and finally tap Clear Data. This will remove the old cache data. Now, relaunch the app and check if the loading problem is fixed.

5. Restart your phone. Press and hold the power button on your Android or iOS device for a few seconds and then the boot menu will appear. Tap on the Restart/Reboot option to restart your device and check if the app is working now.

6. Check the date and time setting of the device. Sometimes, a discrepancy in the date and time of the device from the actual date could prevent the app from connecting to the App server. To fix this, go to the Clock app, tap More > Settings. To keep the date and time updated automatically, tap Change date & time and then tap Set time zone automatically.

7. Perform a Hard Reboot/Forced Restart. To hard reboot your Android device, press and hold the power button and the volume down keys simultaneously for ten seconds. This will force restart/hard reboot your Android device. For iOS devices, press and hold the Lock button and volume down button simultaneously until the Apple Logo appears. Release both buttons when the logo appears and your iOS device will reboot automatically.

8. If you can’t restart or hard reboot your device then you have to wait until your phone’s battery charge completely drains out and your device is switched off. Once it happens, charge your phone and then press the Power button. Once the device starts, check if the app is running properly or not.

9. Check Device Compatibility. Google Play Store and Apple App Store frequently change the compatibility information for apps. So, an app that was compatible with your device earlier might not be compatible now. To check if it’s compatible, open the app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store and check the compatibility information.

10. Uninstall and Reinstall the app. For Android devices, press and hold on the App icon on the home screen and tap App info. Then, tap on Uninstall. For iOS devices, long press on the app icon on the home screen until the app icon starts to jiggle. Then tap on the x symbol on the top right of the app icon and then tap on Uninstall again to remove this app. Once the app is uninstalled, reinstall it from the Play Store or App Store and then check whether it’s working.

11. Rollback to an older version of the app. A new update could cause loading problems in apps. So, rolling back to a previous version of the app could solve the issue. You can search online for previous versions of the app and install it manually.

Is Bauen+ App Server Down?

The Bauen+ App Server is UP and Running. It is reachable from our side. Here are the details.

Name of App – Bauen+

Server Status – Up and Running (No outages reported in last 24 hours)

Response Code – 200 (OK)

Response time – 1.39 ms

If you can’t connect to the App server then check your data connection and see if you have an active internet connection. Try clearing the App cache. Also, if you are using a VPN to access the app then don’t use it. Try opening the app without VPN.


Bauen+ App is Not Installing (Installation Problems)

App installation problems occur due to internet connectivity issues, insufficient storage and device incompatibility. You can fix this using the following steps:

1. Make sure you have an active internet connection while downloading the app. If you’re getting issues with a mobile data connection then try using a WiFi connection instead. Also, stay alert that the connection doesn’t drop while the app is being downloaded.

2. Not having enough free storage on your device could also stop the app from installing. Go to Settings > Storage and check if you have enough free storage to download the app. If not then remove unused files and apps to clear the storage and then install the app.

3. If your device is not compatible with the latest version of the app then you can’t install it to your device. You can check if your device is supported directly from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If not then try downloading a previous version that supports or your device.


Bauen+ App Account, Login and Sign in Related Issues

In this scenario, you’ll usually see that the app account is not working properly. You cannot login to the account due to an error. Here are some ways to fix this:

1. The Bauen+ App server is offline and down. Technical outages occur from time to time and it could also be that server is under maintenance. To fix this, don’t login to the app for a few minutes. When some time has passed, try logging into the account again.

2. You have entered the wrong account credentials. Check the credentials used while logging into the account. Make sure the email/phone and password are correct.

3. There is an issue with your internet data connection. A lack of an active internet connection prevents the app from contacting to its servers. To fix this check your data connection or connect to a WiFi network.

4. Login or Sign-in issues can also occur if you’re using a third-party network to login like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Make sure that the 3rd party network is working properly and their servers are online. Also, make sure the 3rd party account credentials like Facebook Id, Google Account info are correctly set and the right account is being used.

5. Your account might have been removed temporarily or permanently. If your account has been deactivated, the only way to get it back is by contacting the App developers. If you have broken their Terms of Service then your account might be banned permanently.


Bauen+ App Account Password not working

If you’re getting a wrong password error while logging to the app account then try the fixes mentioned below.

1. Make sure that the password entered is correct. Tap the eye icon next to the Password area to check the characters you’re typing.

2. Use a third-party network like Google, Facebook to sign in to your account instead of using the native account credentials.

3. If you forgot the password then tap “Forgot Password/Reset Password” button and then follow the instructions to set a new password for your account. Once it’s done log in to your account with the new password.

4. Sometimes even the password reset option also gives issues. In such a case, make sure you have entered the correct recovery information to receive the password reset authentication email or code. Make sure all the recovery credentials are correct.


Bauen+ App Not Updating (Update related Issues)

Update issues occur only when your device doesn’t have an active internet connection while downloading the update, or your device doesn’t have enough storage to install the latest update or the new update has made the app incompatible with your device. Here are the steps to fix this:

1. Please check if you have an active internet connection while downloading the update. If you’re getting issues with a mobile data connection then try using a WiFi network instead.

2. Go to Settings > Storage and check if you have enough free storage to download the app update. If not then remove unused files and apps to clear the storage and then install the update.

3. You can check if the new update supports your device directly from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If not then try downloading a previous version that supports or your device.


Bauen+ App Audio/Sound Issues (Audio/Sound not working)

Audio issues on apps can be solved using the methods mentioned below.

1. Check if your phone volume is not set to mute. Also, make sure that you don’t have any Sound profiles where the phone is set to silent or mute.

2. Open a different app and check if the audio is working on that app. If the audio is working on other apps it means that there is a sound issue in this app. Go to the Settings section of the app and check if the volume/sound is not turned off.

3. If you don’t get audio with other apps it could mean that the speakers are damaged. Connect your phone with headphones and then check whether audio is working on the app.


Bauen+ App Video Issues (Video not working)

Issues with video streaming and quality mostly arises due to poor internet connectivity and slow internet speeds. Here are the ways to fix video issues on apps:

1. Check your internet connectivity. If you’re using a mobile data connection then make sure it is fast enough to load the video seamlessly. Slow internet speeds are the main reason for video buffering and poor video quality.

2. Connect to a WiFi network. If you get frequent video issues with a mobile data connection then connecting to a WiFi network would solve the issue. WiFi networks generally have higher speeds and longer range so you get better connectivity.


Bauen+ App Notifications Not Working (Notification issues)

If you’re facing an issue with app notifications follow the steps below to fix them:

1. Turn on App Notifications. If app notifications are disabled, then you won’t receive any new notification from that app. To turn on app notifications, go to Settings > Notifications > App Settings. From the drop down menu tap All Apps. Now, tap Bauen+ App and turn the notifications ON.

2. Check if you have disabled system notifications. The global notification settings decide the how the notifications will work as whole. Make sure the global system notifications have been enabled.

3. Please confirm if the app is blocked from running in the background. If an app is restricted from running in the background then it won’t show any notifications.

4. Check your device’s Battery Settings. Sometimes, when the battery saver is turned on it disables certain app features like notifications when the battery charge drops below a certain level. If it’s turned on then make sure to turn Battery Saver off.

5. Also, don’t forget to check if the app notification sounds are muted. Go to App Settings and check Notification sounds. If it’s muted then you won’t receive a sound alert when a new notification arrives.


Money Deposited into Bauen+ Account is Not Showing. The Balance is not being updated

When you make a payment in an app it usually takes 24 hours – 48 hours to reflect the balance in your account. If you don’t see the updated balance immediately, you should wait for at least 48 hours to check if the money is credited into your account. If the amount is not credited to your account you can contact the App Developers directly. You can find their contact information on the About section of their respective App pages on the App Store / Play Store.

You can also create a support ticket with Google Play Store / Apple App Store to check why the balance is not being updated.


Bauen+ App Camera Not Working (Camera Issues)

If the camera is not working for the app, it could be that the Camera permission is not enabled for the app. Here are the ways to fix this.

1. Go to Settings > Apps. Tap See All Apps and then tap Bauen+.

2. Tap Permissions. Scroll down until you see the Camera permission and if it’s disabled then tap on it to change the setting to Allow.

Another reason could be that a new phone software update is available that provides camera software updates. Updating to the latest software could fix this problem.


How to Withdraw money from Bauen+ Account to Bank/Wallet/PayPal Account

To withdraw money from the app account to your Bank or PayPal account, open the App, go to Settings, Payments section. Inside, the Payment section you’ll see the Withdraw Money option. Tap on Withdraw, then enter your bank account details or PayPal account and upon verification of your bank details the money will be withdrawn to your account.

Remember, most apps have threshold limit to withdraw money. If you don’t reach the threshold you cannot withdraw the funds. You are eligible to withdraw only when you’ve reached the minimum withdrawal threshold.


The Money Withdrawn from Bauen+ Account to Bank/PayPal Account is Not Showing

It usually takes around 3-7 days to receive the withdrawn money to your bank account. Please check your account after a few days from the day you made the withdrawal request.

If you withdrew to your PayPal account then log in to your PayPal account and check the current balance. Check the latest transfers in the Activity section. If the transfer is not showing then you haven’t received the money.

If you don’t receive the money even after a week then you should contact the App support staff/Developers immediately.


In-App purchases Not Working on the Bauen+ App

You made an in-app purchase and it’s not showing inside the app due to payment failure or other reasons. Here are the ways to fix this.

1. Check your internet connectivity. Check your mobile data connection to see if it’s working or else you could connect to a WiFi network.

2. Check the payment status. Go to Google Play Store, tap on your Profile Picture and then tap Payments & Subscriptions. Here you will find the details of your in-app purchases. If there is no record of the purchase it means the payment didn’t go through.

3. Force Stop the App. Go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Bauen+ > Force Stop. Once done, reopen the application and check now.

4. Check whether the time and date settings on your device are set up correctly. Also, make sure that the app developer has made the available to your country.

5. Restart your device and update the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store app to the latest version.


Bauen+ App Not Working on Mobile Data

Check your mobile data connection. Try opening a webpage on your browser and if it’s not opening then you don’t have internet. Check whether data roaming is enabled. Try connecting to a WiFi network and then use the app.


Bauen+ App Not Working on WiFi

Check your WiFi network connection. Try opening a webpage on your browser and if it’s not opening then you don’t have internet. Restart your modem/router and then connect to the WiFi network. If it fails then open the app with your mobile data connection or you can also connect to a different WiFi network.


Microphone Not Working on Bauen+ App

If the microphone is not working for the app, it could be that the Microphone permission is not allowed in the app. Here are the ways to fix this.

1. Go to Settings > Apps. Tap See All Apps and then tap Bauen+.

2. Tap Permissions. Scroll down until you see the Microphone permission and if it’s disabled then tap on it to change the setting to Allow.


Back Button Not Working on Bauen+ App

Sometimes the back button can stop responding while using an app on Android devices. Here are some ways to fix this:

1. Uninstall all third-party gesture controlled apps including third party custom launchers and navigation apps.

2. Restart your Android device.

3. Update your software to the newest version if an update is available.

4. Wipe the system Cache partition.

5. In Samsung devices, the Key Light feature might cause issues with the back button. To Fix this, Go to Settings > Display and scroll down all the way down to Torch Light key Duration. On the Pop-up Screen, mark the Always Off option.


Bauen+ App Not Deleting from my Device

If you can’t delete an app it’s most probably because it has administrator access. To delete the app you have to revoke administrator access.

For Android Devices:

1. Open Settings on your Android device.

2. Navigate to the Security section. And then go to the Device administrators section.

3. Tap Bauen+ and press Deactivate. You can now uninstall the app regularly.

For iOS devices:

1. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy restrictions.

2. Tap iTunes & App Store Purchases then go to Deleting Apps.

3. Select Allow. Now you can easily uninstall the app from your iPhone


Final Thoughts

We have tried to cover as many issues faced while using the app. If you find new issues with the app then feel free to comment down below and we will include the solutions to these issues in this article.

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