Is Otterbox Symmetry good?

Otterbox symmetry is one of the best cases available on the market. The case isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely high quality and will last a very long time with such strong durability. It has as Fairly slim profile considering it’s an Otterbox and it is Super protective and durable.

Does OtterBox really protect your phone?

The Otterbox Defender has several layers of protection to keep the phone safe from drops and scratches. OtterBox, with their heavy-duty Defender Series cases, has created a level of smartphone protection that will keep your mobile device well protected through month after month of heavy-duty daily use.

Are Otterbox Symmetry worth it?

Otterbox has been making protective cases for the iPhone since 2007, but its Symmetry series strikes the right balance between safety and a slim size. The case, which I’ve tested, feels great in the hand, and slides easily into your pocket.

Is Otterbox Commuter or Symmetry better?

If you’re looking at which of the two protects your phone better, the Commuter case takes the win. This combo case offers two layers of protection—a hard outer case and a soft inner layer. The layers work together by both absorbing impacts and deflecting sharp objects.

Is Otterbox Symmetry case drop proof?

The Otterbox Symmetry phone case is Shockproof, Drop Proof, thin, 3X Tested to Military Standard, and also comes with Antimicrobial Protection.

Which is better Symmetry or defender?

The Otterbox Defender is their most rugged case, offering the highest level of protection. In contrast, Otterbox Symmetry cases have comparably less protection but have a slimmer and more stylish design.

Which Otterbox is the strongest?

Otterbox Defender. The Otterbox Defender is the toughest case out of the four Otterbox cases.

Which Otterbox is most protective?

The Defender Series®

The Defender Series® offers the most safeguards of any OtterBox case. And it’s available for a range of smartphones and tablets. It’s the only series with 3 layers of protection: a polycarbonate inner layer, a silicone outer layer and a sturdy, swiveling belt clip holster.

What is the difference between Otterbox Defender and Symmetry?

The Otterbox Symmetry from Otterbox is made slimmer than the Defender series. The case is also made for people out there looking for style and light weight cases. With one-piece design and slimmer than the Defender series, the Symmetry cases still can protect from a high drop, just in a stylish way.

Which is better Otterbox Symmetry or Commuter or Defender?

Otterbox Defender is the best among the three. And the phone to hold everything in place the commuter. Series is still a fairly slim case but it’s a bit thicker around the edges than the Symmetry for a bit more protection.

Which Otterbox case is the thinnest?

In fact, the polycarbonate case is one of the thinnest you can get from Otterbox. It still offers three times the drop protection you’d get with a MIL-STD 810G 516.6 certified case. The Symmetry also supports a much larger number of phones, including the latest flagships from Motorola, OnePlus, and more.

Will OtterBox replace my phone if it breaks?

Only if you paid for an “Accidental Damage” Geek Squad plan for your phone. Otherwise Best Buy, nor Otter Box will cover a damaged phone, even if it broke inside the case. It’s a preventative measure, but it’s not 100% guaranteed to protect your phone from everything.

Does otterbox symmetry protect iPhone?

As expected with any OtterBox case, the Symmetry Series will protect your iPhone no matter where or how hard you drop it.

Are OtterBox cases military grade?

Otterbox Defender Series

It has a few options for different mobile phones. Still, the most common theme across the board is heavy-duty military-grade protection. Its flagship Defender Series cases are known to be big, bulky, and not so visually appealing covers.

How far can an Otterbox fall?

Out of the three cases, the only case that we’ve tested in terms of drop protection is the Otterbox Defender. We’re giving Otterbox the benefit of the doubt by saying it will protect your iPhone from 6.6 ft drops but in our drop test, we threw in 40 ft in the air. The iPhone 6 is fine though a little bent.

What is the difference between the different Otterbox cases?

These two different types of Otterbox cases are on the slimmer side. The main difference between them is that one keeps rugged protection as its top priority, while the other focuses more on a stylish aesthetic and a sleeker look.

What are the levels of OtterBox cases?

So, to help you decide on the right OtterBox phone case for your situation, here’s a guide to the top styles.

  • Defender Series: For Ultimate Protection.
  • Commuter Series: Two Layers of Protection.
  • OtterBox Symmetry Series: Simple, Single-Layer Phone Cases with Moderate Protection.
  • Other Lesser Series.

Does OtterBox Symmetry have screen protection?

There is no screen protection with the Symmetry case.

How is the OtterBox symmetry case?

They feel smooth and incredibly responsive pressing down with that satisfying click the silent switch above the volume buttons has been recessed into a very deep cut out it can be a little fiddly.

What is so special about an Otterbox?

Special Features: Built-in screen protector, port covers, and three-layer protection. Fits: Otterbox makes Defenders for iPhones as old as the iPhone 6, all the way up to the newest model. They make Defenders for Samsung phones as old as the Galaxy A51.

What is the difference between Otterbox and Otterbox Defender?

When you compare Otterbox Defender and Commuter cases, the main difference between the two different types of Otterbox cases is that the Defender offers utmost protection. This is especially the case with its built-in screen protector and a hard inner shell.

Is OtterBox better than other cases?

Otterbox is a company that makes phone cases boasting superior protection from drops. Many people swear by Otterbox and consider them to be top-of-the-line protective cases. But despite their positive reputation, there may be a few reasons why Otterbox cases fall short for you.

Is Otterbox any good?

It’s sturdy, comfortable in your hand, not too tough to get in and out of a pocket, and gives a very good amount of protection all around. We had no issues using the touchscreen over the cover but notice it takes a BIT more pressure than without a screen or with one of those nasa gummy ones.

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