Where to buy unique phone cases?

You can buy unique phone cases on Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Custom phone case e-commerce sites like Saharacase.com and others. You won’t find unique phone cases on BestBuy or Walmart. These are the same old phone cases with a simple design and no uniqueness.

Which is the best site to buy mobile cases?

Here are 11 of the best phone case websites in 2022:

  • Etsy.com.
  • Bestbuy.com.
  • Zazzle.com.
  • Amazon.com.
  • Casetify.com.
  • Costco.com.
  • Redbubble.com.

So, if you are tired of the commonly found cases, below are the best sites to buy mobile covers and cases in India. Flipkart. …  Dailyobjects.com. …  Thesouledstore.com. …  Bewakoof.com. …  Beawara.com. …  Coveritup.com. …  Coverscart.com. …  Caseable.

Are Casetify cases worth it?

Casetify cases are some of the most durable and long-lasting cases we’ve tried. No phone case is invincible, but these ones last as long as you need them to before you start to want a new phone anyway. In addition, they do an excellent job at protecting your phone while still being minimal and not overly bulky.

How can I customize my own phone case?

Using the customization tool at customenvy.com, you can add pictures, patterns, monograms, texts, emojis, and more to your custom iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Google smartphone case. Make your phone stand out with unlimited options of designs, graphics, and visuals to print on your protective phone cover.

What is the best website for iPhone cases?

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best phone case websites to shop at in 2021. SaharaCase.com. …  Bestbuy.com. …  Zazzle.com. …  Amazon.com. …  Casetify.com. …  Costco.com. …  Redbubble.com. …  Etsy.com.

Which is the best app to buy phone cases?

Top 5 places to buy phone cases online 1) Daily Objects. Daily Objects offers designer and customizable cell phone cases and features a collection of unique phone cases you won’t see anywhere else. …  2) Posterguy. …  3) Madanyu. …  4) Bewakoof. …  5) Cyankart.

How can I make my clear phone case pretty?

How To Decorate a Clear Phone Case — 6 Easy Ways 1) Use Casely Stickers. Stickers are great because you can always replace them based on the season or just what vibes you’re feeling. …  2) Paint With Nail Polish. …  3) Add Photos. …  4) Add Texture. …  5) Press Flowers. …  6) Colored Tape. …  Conclusion — Casely Has You Covered.

How do you put a picture on a phone case?

How to Make Your Own Photo Phone Case Step 1: Select your phone case size and type. …  Step 2: Select your favorite photos. …  Step 3: Upload them to Collage.com. …  Step 4: Completely customize your own phone case. …  Step 5: Add flair or backgrounds. …  Step 6: Enjoy the phone case you made yourself!

How can I make a phone case without a case at home?

Cut a sheet of parchment paper that’s about twice the size of your phone. Place your phone on top, with the screen facing up. Wrap the paper over the side edges of your phone, then secure them with a piece of tape. Wrap the top and bottom edges, and secure them with tape as well.

How can I make my phone case look cool?

17 Ways To Decorate Your Phone Cover And Make It Look Fantastic Spray Paint On A Lace. Image Source. …  Paste Some Neon Studs. Image Source. …  Stary Stary Case. Image Source. …  Arrange Metallic Studs. …  Cover It With Glitter. …  Stick A Jewellery Charm On Your Cover. …  Create A Collage Of Magazine Cut-Outs. …  Cross Stitch On Your Case.

What should I put behind my phone case?

How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case Pressed Flowers. We’re all about bringing the beauty of the natural world home — not to mention everywhere else you go. …  Photographs. …  Phone Grip. …  Stickers. …  Art. …  Maps. …  Phone Card Holder.

How do you paint clear phone cases?

Acrylic Paint Add a strip of tape to the inside of your clear phone case. Using acrylic paint, paint one color below the tape and one color above on the inside of the phone case (not the outside!). Let dry and paint one more coat so the paint is opaque.

What size photo would fit in a phone case?

1000px x 1500px  The ideal photo for a custom phone case should be high resolution (300dpi), at least 1000px x 1500px in size and have a file size under 3 MB.

Can I put a Polaroid in the back of my phone case?

Polaroid. Another interesting way is to put a polaroid inside your clear phone case. Just click a polaroid and place it on the back of your phone and put your phone case over the picture. Make sure that it is facing towards the front and you can see the picture from outside the cover.

How do you decorate a phone case with paper?

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